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Robots that respond to the latest consumer trends

Given the need to respond quickly to consumer trends, the ready-made meals sector is always looking for innovative solutions for preparing and presenting meals—and automation offers a distinct advantage. Stäubli robots can be used in traditional operations such as handling of heavy loads, adding decoration, portioning and marking meals, 3D bin picking, mixing or placement of accessories and are completely reliable even at very high speeds. Since our robots are extremely versatile, they can also carry out operations for short runs.

Production line of food solutions for ready made meals
Handling, Bulk collection, Stacking/Tray loading, Caging/Uncaging, Placing utensils, Boxing, Palletizing
Success stories
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Sixteen Stäubli robots in end-of-line food packaging

A Chinese manufacturer of ready-mixes for the preparation of a national dish set out to automate the final packaging of the bags, thereby increasing productivity and reducing the physical strain on workers. By installing 16 Stäubli SCARAs, the company easily achieved its objectives.

Collaborative TX2 robot at Migros Group
Efficient handling of convenience food (Swiss Migros Group)

In a pioneering MRC pilot project over a fixed period, Bischofszell Nahrungsmittel AG has sought to achieve two objectives, namely the efficient production of food and the humanization of the workplace.

Sorting and packaging application
Pickle sorting and packaging (Fu Ling Zha Cai)

Chinese company Fu Ling Zha Cai, which specializes in the production of mustard pickles, has created a pioneering production line using FAST picker TP80 robots. This high-quality system produces excellent results.

Packaging application of fish sticks
Packaging of fish sticks (The Sea Food Traders)

The speed and reliability of these robots makes them well-suited to the conditions of the ready-made foods industry. Stäubli’s TX90L HE robot can easily handle the delicate products and consecutive cleaning cycles involved.

Our dedicated lines

HE robotic arms

HE (humid environments) robotic arms

Designed for humid environments, Stäubli's HE robots are the benchmark for the food industry and parts washing operations.

HE robot range