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Grain processing in the robotics era

Automated solutions are opening up new territory in the bread and baked goods sector. Robotics offers new options for traditional operations that handle recurring heavy loads such as molds.
Robotic arms now make it possible to maintain better control over the product even during proofing, score bread in any fashion while maintaining its shape and handle soft or fragile breads, all while maintaining the product’s organoleptic properties.

Production line of food solutions for bread baked goods
Dosing, Topping, Spacing, Scoring/Decoration, Mixing/Box loading, Boxing, Palletizing
Success story
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Sissi and Franz pack Viennese strudel dough (Weinbergmaier)

Automation of strudel dough secondary packaging nearly failed due to space issues. Thanks to the slim design of Stäubli six-axis robots Sissi and Franz and their safety features, implementation was possible.

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Robotic Sandwich Assembly Line (Grote)

An American manufacturer of equipment for food production has succeeded in developing a fully automated line for sandwich production. At the heart of the system is a Stäubli TX2-60 HE six-axis robot.

Bread scoring application
Automating bakery production to reduce MSDs (Dewilde)

Belgian manufacturer Dewilde has developed a compact robot cell for bread scoring in industrial bakeries using the FAST picker TP80 robot. This 4-axis robot is ultra-responsive, producing 220 cuts per minute.

Our dedicated lines

HE robotic arms

HE (humid environments) robotic arms

Designed for humid environments, Stäubli's HE robots are the benchmark for the food industry and parts washing operations.

HE robot range