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Inspection and handling tasks for aluminum rims have long been among the standard applications in automation technology, but the demand for ever-higher quality and productivity is constantly opening up new fields of application for robots. Today, robots are already carving the profiles on prototype tires. Operating under such challenging conditions calls for the utmost accuracy. This and other high tech applications have only been realized by the use of high-precision industrial robots supplied by Stäubli.

Success story
Stäubli AG - MMS_DSC09524_1_pim@2x.jpg
The new TS2 SCARAs during sensor assembly (MMS)

Tire pressure sensors are now standard equipment in the automotive sector. An Austrian company has built a highly complex assembly line with an output of four million sensors per year for a Chinese manufacturer - an impressive project.

Stäubli RX160
Cutting the perfect tread (Continental)

At Continental, the ultra-precise Stäubli RX160 six-axis robot, responsible for everything from the measuring and marking to the carving and drilling of the tire treads, has achieved notable time savings.