HelMo the mobile robot system

HelMo is the new generation of high-performance mobile robot systems that work fully autonomously, with the ability to navigate a diverse array of working environments, gather their own materials and then carry out the work.

HelMo represents the next level of Man-Robot Collaboration, whereby robots mix with human beings and work together with them or handle monotonous tasks on their own.

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«Stäubli mobile robots meet all mobility requirements and are the perfect link to a smarter production.»



Peter Pühringer | Division Manager Stäubli Robotics Bayreuth

HelMo Features
HelMo mobile robot system with TX2-90L collaborative
High performance and dynamics

Speed, rigidity and precision combined with safety - the new TX2 robot range with its CS9 controller is the key element for the HelMo system.

HelMo mobile robot system | AGV autonomous guided vehicle
Autonomous driving

The mobile robot system drives and navigates autonomously through its work environment. With its robust and spring-loaded drive unit, operation in almost every industrial sector is possible. No modifications of given floor conditions are needed.

HelMo mobile robot system | safety
Safety first

A TX2 robot with CS9 controller, 3 laser scanners, safe PLC and a tactile enclosure create a comprehensive safety package around the mobile robot system. Optionally a robot safe skin for MRC applications is available.

HelMo mobile robot system | navigation
Intuitive mapping

An innovative and intuitive control concept enables a fast mapping of HelMo’s work surroundings. Controlled by a mobile device an accurate map is created based on precise laser scanner data within a short time.

HelMo mobile robot system | multi-coupling
HelMo add-ons

For a flexible use of the HelMo system at different workstations HelMo is additionally equipped with components like automatic multi couplings, tool changing system and a tool station.

HelMo mobile robot system | software
HelMo framework

The mobile robot system comes with a user-friendly software package for controlling features like rotation unit, gripper and navigation in VAL 3, which are also already implemented as user pages.


Robot Arm




Maximum load capacity*

20 kg

15 kg

9 kg

Nominal load capacity

7 kg

6 kg

5 kg

Reach (between axis 1 and 6)

1000 mm

1200 mm

1450 mm

Repeatability - ISO 9283

±0.03 mm

±0.035 mm

±0.04 mm

Rotation unit

Maximum rotation angle


Safe positions

0° / ± 90° / 180°

Maximum speed

16,8 °/s

Tool change station

4 tools per station

Tool changing system


Drive unit

Maximum speed

0,6 m/s

Position accuracy of drive unit

± 10 mm, 1°

Dimensions (without robot arm)

890 x 1120 x 1000 mm (W x H x D)

Number of laser scanners

3 (360° monitoring area)

Height of scan plane (personal safety)

150 mm

Drive type

Differential drive



based on laser scanner data

Protection class wrist / robot arm / total system

IP67 / IP65 / IP20

Average surface pressure on floor

max. 10 N/mm²

Power supply

1 x 230 V / 16 A


WLAN, LAN, Fieldbus (1)

Multi coupling

compressed air, power supply, 2x Cat5e, 25 x 1 mm² electrical pins

Battery capacity

4,8 kWh

Compressed air tank

0,75 l (2) / 8 bar

Optical and acoustical effects

4 LED units and memory space for up to 16 audio files


710 kg

* Under conditions
(1) more available on demand
(2) extension possible