Sensitive environments Hygienic - humid

FAST picker TP80 HE robot

The FAST picker TP80 HE robots are developed specifically for processes in hygienic, humid or harsh environments. Their encapsulated, detergent and corrosion resistant design is ideal even under extreme conditions. These extremely fast robotic arms are designed for small parts handling operations.

FAST picker robot HE (Hygienic - humid environment)
Hygienic design
  • Hygienic design aligned with EHEDG recommendations
  • Easy accessibility, cleanability and decontamination
  • NSF H1 compliant food oil with no loss of performance
  • No micro organic penetration due to design and pressurization
Stäubli AG - FAST-picker-TP80-HE-4-axis-robotic-sphere-view-pim-2x-35911-jpg-orig.jpg
High performance
  • World's fastest picker
  • Most efficient work envelope in fast pickers category
  • Up to 200 mm vertical stroke
Stäubli AG - FAST-picker-TP80-HE-4-axis-robotic-arm-connections-view-pim-2x-35905-jpg-orig.jpg
Stands up to extreme conditions
  • Fully encapsulated design (IP65)
  • Integrated user harness, tubing and valves
  • Unrestricted pH suitability from 4,5 to 8,5
  • Kinematic pressurization for advanced tightness demands
  • Robust surface treatment/coating and stainless steel joints
TP80 HE picker attachment
Smart integration
  • Rear attachment without visible threads on the product side
  • Easy wall mount design (no heavy and expensive gantry-framework needed)
  • Space savings and more efficient use of workspace on multi-robot lines (compared to delta kinematics)
  • Reduction of retention zones above products

technical specifications


FAST picker TP80 HE

Degrees of freedom


Load capacity

1 kg


800 mm


±0.05 mm


100 mm or 200 mm (option)

Protection class


Attachment methods


Stäubli CS8 series controller