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Our robots for sensitive environments

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Stäubli robots are designed to function reliably under the most extreme conditions, whether in sensitive environments or for specific applications. Our robotic arms are effective for a wide range of situations, from cleanrooms to harsh environments to machining operations. As a result, our robots are particularly adapted to the most stringent sectors such as food pharmaceuticals and electronics industries.

HE robotic arms

HE (humid environments) robotic arms

Designed for humid environments, Stäubli's HE robots are the benchmark for the food industry and parts washing operations.

HE robot range

Cleanroom robotic arms

Stäubli TX2-90 Cleanroom industrial robot

Our Cleanroom  (CR/SCR) series of robots have been developed specifically to meet the requirements of clean environments.

CR/SCR robot range

Stericlean robotic arms

Stericlean robotic arms

Our Stericlean robots, fully H₂O₂  resistant, meet the strictest requirements for pharmaceutical and cleanroom applications.

Stericlean robot range

ESD Robotic arms

ESD 4 and 6 axis robotic arms (electrostatic discharge compliant)

Our 4 and 6-axis ESD-compatible robots are designed for electronic assembly, testing and packaging operations.

ESD robot range

Paint-EX Robotic arms

Paint robotic arms

Paint robots meet all requirements for painting applications, regardless of the material covered.

Paint-EX robot range