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Training: Honing your knowledge of robotics

Mastering the finer details of robot performance and programming is the best way for users to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of Stäubli robotic solutions. Our training programs are designed and administered by Stäubli teams to help you get the most out of your investment. Stäubli’s training courses cover all aspects of robot use: line control, programming, robot and peripheral maintenance, software and more.

Specialized training

Training on every aspect of robot use

From line control to programming, robot and peripheral maintenance and software, Stäubli’s training courses cover all aspects of robot use. Our training centers are equipped with demonstration tools that faithfully reproduce actual production conditions to facilitate learning.

Several training modules

Based on the experience we’ve gained with our customers over the years, we have developed 5 training modules, administered throughout our global network:

  • Operator training
  • User training
  • Programmer training: for end-customers and integrator partners
  • Maintenance training: by product line (TX, TX2, TS, TP, etc.)
  • VALproducts training (trade solutions): for end customers and integrator partners

Special training programs

We can also put together customized training (for both maintenance and programming) based on your specific needs, your team’s knowledge and the robotic equipment you use. Feel free to contact us for information.