Customer support Application - Programming support

A team is committed to helping you

Throughout all phases of your robotics process, Stäubli’s personnel work alongside you to offer the right tools to make your project successful. Free hotline, integration assistance, training courses are provided by our team of experts. In addition, we can propose feasibility tests, real life or CAD simulated demonstrations, in order to optimize your automation project. Finally, by providing additional functions, our experts can help you optimize the configuration of your application.

Sales support

Making every project a success

A team of experts equipped with the most state-of-the-art tools will help you at every step of your robotics project. We offer a free hotline, where our engineers and technicians are standing by to help with all your questions, from robot integration to info on our comprehensive, adapted training programs. For Stäubli, customer support is the key to ensuring each of your projects is a success.

Feasibility tests

Expert help on optimizing your robotization project

To validate feasibility and optimize your robotics project, our dedicated team can run a full-scale demonstration or CAD simulation of the project using 3D simulation tools. These tests allow you to take into account the operational environment, optimize cycle time, calculate component service life and even work out the desired results.
We take a 4-pronged approach to feasibility testing:

  • Conceptual study
  • Virtual simulation
  • Real tests
  • Validation of the project
Programming support

To optimize your application settings

Our support teams are dedicated to helping, informing, and reassuring you every step of the way in your robotization project. Our goal: Ensure that your robotic equipment delivers optimal performance. Moreover, to optimize your application settings, our team can suggest additional functions, for example to boost robot capacity, meet certain requirements for process certification, or facilitate programming changes.