Customer support After-sales service

After-sales service: Always by your side

Our after-sales service fulfills your needs. Our goal: provide you with unrivalled quality thanks to the speed and efficiency of our interventions.

Hotline and help

Always there for you, wherever you are

With our hotline, Stäubli technicians are always standing by to answer your questions or troubleshoot any problem at any time, no matter where you are. Our adapted tools allow us to efficiently and effectively manage and follow up on your call. Once the issue is identified, our technical teams located around the world can step in to help when you need them. Since every minute counts, our average response time is under 24 hours.


Boosting the lifespan of your robotics investment

Proper robot maintenance is a way to protect your investment, control upkeep costs, and ensure a steady production volume. Our technicians can provide you with fast and effective maintenance services. Once you choose the best contract for your needs, a qualified technician will perform yearly inspections of your robotic arms and make any adjustments needed.


Manufacturer warranty

After years of operation, Stäubli can refurbish your robotic equipment so you can extend your manufacturer warranty.