Round uninsulated connectors

Single-pole uninsulated sockets and plugs with “AR” locking system


  • Suitable for high-current connectors as well as signal contacts
  • Connectors in low, medium and high voltage installations
  • Connectors for power supplies
  • Connectors for testing, measurement and quality control
  • Connectors in research and development

The sockets and plugs with the “AR”-locking system offer a higher user safety and process reliability. The locking system prevents an accidental separation of the connector under load. Various connection terminations are available offering a high application flexibility. Special connections with other dimensions or materials as well as special plating for a higher temperatures or plugging frequency are available on request. The integrated MULTILAM Technology is resistant against vibration, shock and impact and ensures constantly low contact resistance and long service life.


  • Locking system for higher user safety and process reliability
  • High application flexibility
  • Cost-effective connections due to standardized diameters

Key features

  • Various terminations available: crimp, thread, press-in
  • High rated current and short circuit carrying capacity
  • Constantly low contact resistance


  • Brass, crimping sleeve: copper
  • Silver-plating (standard)
  • MULTILAM torsio implemented

Technical Specifications

Socket and plugs

product range

Diameter range

6/ 10/ 14 mm

Rated current @ 80°C

up to 300 A

Short circuit current (1s)

up to 12 kA

Peak current withstands

up to 35 kA

Mating cycles

up to 5,000