Round uninsulated connectors

Electrical grounding hinge maintains continuity of grounding


  • For use in an outdoor environment
  • For indoor applications
  • On stainless steel or aluminum cabinet
    Other cabinet material: on request

The Electrical Grounding Hinge (EGH) replaces the conventional hinge and ground braid between the moving door and the cabinet. It facilitates easier removal of the door and guarantees reconnection of the ground on reassembly. In addition to the mechanical pivot function of a hinge, the EGH also provides an electrical ground connection between the door and the cabinet. Continuity is maintained between the cabinet/hinge, hinge/door interfaces and also the hinge pivot by the use of MULTILAM. Different seals protect the hinge and active parts from external pollution and ensure IP66.


  • Guaranteed grounding continuity, no forgotten grounding braid
  • Quick and easy maintenance of the cabinet (mounting and dismounting)
  • Enhanced EMC effectiveness

Key features

  • No need of maintenance or lubrication
  • Integration in confined environments with limited space
  • Improved impedance of the door compared to braid solution


  • Pivot connection / plug side with pin Ø 6 mm
  • Electrical connections ensured by MULTILAM Technology
  • Hinge comprising lower supporting part with pin (plug) and upper part (socket)

Technical Specifications


product range

Rated current

100 A

Short circuit current (1s)

1.4 kA

Peak current withstands

4.7 kA

Open/close cycles


Door unmounting / mounting


Operating temperature


Allowable charge per hinge

250 kg