Round uninsulated connectors

AxiClamp termination for round and cable connectors


  • Wherever a fast and simple cable connection is required
  • For broken cables and cable extensions
  • Connectors for power supplies
  • Connectors in utilities and power distribution
  • Connectors in production and testing facilities 
  • Connectors in research and development

The AxiClamp lead connecting system allows the electrical and mechanical connection of flexible copper leads and furthermore the disconnection and re-use of the same. There are no crimping pliers required and re-using the AxiClamp termination results is time and costs savings, especially in case the lead is being replaced or extended. AxiClamp guarantees an equally good transition resistance compared to a crimp connection but resistance against vibration, too. It offers clear benefits over conventional crimp terminations.


  • Lead can be disconnected i.e. AxiClamp can be re-used
  • One size can be used for different cable cross sections
  • Time- and cost-saving

Key features

  • No crimping pliers, inserts, etc. required
  • Equally good transition resistances compared to a crimp connection
  • Additional insulating is possible with a form shroud tubing


  • Contact body and AxiClamp termination made of copper, silver-plated
  • The metal cone and contact body give a firm clamp connection

Technical Specifications


product range

Rated current

6 - 185 mm2 (up to 300 mm2 on request)


5 / 6

Rated current (185 mm2)

up to 450 A

Short circuit current (1s)

up to 17 kA

Peak current withstands

up to 50 kA


DIN VDE 0295, IEC 60228