Single-pole industrial connectors

Round uninsulated connectors

As expert for sophisticated and powerful electrical connectors, Stäubli offers a large portfolio of uninsulated, single-pole round connectors. Based on the unique MULTILAM contact technology, they all feature lowest contact resistance, very high current density, constant performance and longevity as well as dependability in demanding requirements such as applications in the power industry, switchgears, busbar connections, manufacturing systems, test benches, cable coupling and many other industrial applications. 

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Connectors with AxiClamp termination

Where  fast and simple way of pluggable electrical connection is required, AxiClamp termination is applicable. With the patented AxiClamp there is no need for crimping pliers or inserts. It is available in various sizes.

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Sockets and plugs

A broad product range of standard socket and plug diameters allows the selection of the best suitable connector size for the specific application. Various terminations are available offering a high application flexibility.

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Sockets and plugs with locking

The sockets and plugs with locking system provide higher user safety and process reliability. The locking system prevents an accidentally separation of the connector under load.

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Electrical Grounding Hinge

The Electrical Grounding Hinge (EGH) replaces conventional hinges and ground braids between the moving door and the cabinet. It facilitates easier removal of the door and guarantees reconnection of the ground on reassembly.