Single-pole industrial connectors

Medical connectors

In medical applications the reliability of the connection element needs to be absolutely granted. Therefore, all our connectors for electromedical equipment are suited for steam sterilization. With the MULTILAM core technology and gold-plated contact elements, our medical connectors provide for the very highest dependability and corrosion resistance.

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Cables, connectors and panel-mount terminals

Our connectors and panel terminals for medical applications fulfill the requirements of Standard DIN 428021 with special regard to touch protection, material, geometry and withdrawal force. 

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Potential equalization connectors and cables

The use of high-quality components ensures dependable potential equalization in places where it is particularly important, e.g. hospital facilities and medical practices. Our POAG sockets are designed to be used without special tools and ensure highest safety. 

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Multistrand wires

Our reinforced PVC insulated standard wires for medical applications offer a highly flexible design.