Connectors for plug-in systems

Sockets and plugs in single and module version for plug-in systems


  • Connectors for plug-in systems
  • Connectors for machinery and apparatus engineering
  • Connectors for power supplies and converters
  • Multi-connection solutions and docking plates
  • Connectors for testing and quality control

The product range comprises single modules, 4-pole blocks and slide-in connectors in different sizes. With single modules, up to 10 modules can be joined together. The 4-pole block allows more compact solutions. For higher currents, various sizes of the slide-in plugs and sockets allow sophisticated system solutions e.g. docking plates. Screw and crimp terminations as well as different contact dimensions offer a high flexibility in system design. These round plugs and sockets are characterized by floating assembly of the contact part resulting in a maximum mounting offset and angular compensation. The MULTILAM Technology ensures a maximum electrical performance.


  • High application flexibility
  • Modular system configuration
  • UL approval (single and 4-pole pole modules)

Key features

  • Provision for coding to prevent mixing of modules of the same nominal diameter
  • Keyed to protect against wrong insertion
  • Two plug lengths for leading contacts


  • Modular with floating contact part in the insulation
  • Insulation material: depending on product ABS, PC, PA66
  • Touch protection in unmated condition (P1/30-BS and P1/30-SSK)

Technical Specifications

Socket and plug modules

product range


2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 14 mm

Rated voltage

500/600 V

Rated current

up to 300 A

Short circuit current (1s)

up to 12 kA

Mating cycles

up to 5,000

Maximum working temperature



UL1977, UL94-V0