Connectors for plug-in systems

Single fork and double fork plugs for busbars


  • High-current busbar connections
  • Connectors between fixed and movable busbars
  • For low- and high-voltage, indoor or protected outdoor installations
  • Connectors for power supplies, energy storage and batteries
  • Connectors for slide-in rack connections
  • Connectors for power electronics and converters

The broad range of single sided fork plugs and double fork plugs are best suitable for connecting busbars of different thicknesses and ensure a high application flexibility. The high power double fork plug extends the rated current range and allow high angular and misalignment tolerances. For single fork plugs, various types of lead connections are available as well as an additional insulating housing. Thanks to the MULTILAM Technology inside, a constantly low contact resistance and long life is guaranteed as well as resistance against vibration and shock. Specially designed fork plugs and terminations are available on request.


  • Effective and reliable busbar connection
  • Fork plugs for different busbar thicknesses
  • Various lead connection solutions

Key features

  • Single- or double-sided
  • Constantly low contact resistance and high reliability by MULTILAM Technology
  • Special design, fork profiles and terminations on request available


  • Aluminum, silver-plated
  • Insulating housing (single-side fork): PPO
  • MULTILAM torsio / fusio

Technical Specifications

Fork plugs

product range

Rated current (105°C end temperature)

up to 2,000 A

Rated voltage insulating housing

600 V

Short circuit current (1s)

up to 50.4 kA

Peak current withstands

up to 144 kA

Mating cycles

> 1,000