Connectors for plug-in systems

ClipLam connecting element for double-pole insulated busbars


  • High-current busbar connections
  • Connectors for plug-in systems
  • Connectors for power supplies and converters
  • Power converters in railway applications
  • Connectors for machinery and apparatus engineering

The connecting element ClipLam allows a pluggable electrical connection between two systems of double-pole insulated busbars. The electrical contact is established by MULTILAM fusio which form independent lines of current. This large number of parallel lines leads to a noticeable reduction in the resistance and the inductance in comparison to a bolted connection. It is a very simple matter, without wiring inversion risk, to attach the ClipLam by means of two clips to busbars of varying thicknesses that have been silver-plated beforehand. Constantly low contact resistance and high reliability is guaranteed by the MULTILAM Technology.


  • 25% less leakage inductance compared to a screw system
  • Reduced material costs (copper) due to an optimum distribution of the current
  • Space-saving and reduced installation and maintenance costs

Key features

  • Self-cleaning of contact when mating
  • High resistance to vibration and shocks
  • Easy to install: no drilling or special cutting and no screws needed


  • MULTILAM mounted in a plastic frame of variable sizes

Technical Specifications


product range


54 – 150 mm

Rated current (105°C end temperature)

up to 1,600 A

Short circuit current (1s)

up to 28.8 kA

Peak current withstands

up to 80 kA

Thickness of a single busbar

2 – 5 mm

Max. operating temperature

120 °C