MULTILAM Products and Technology

MULTILAM Technology

The unique Stäubli MULTILAM contact technology features unmatched electrical and mechanical properties and scores with excellent performance due to first-rate and constant current-carrying capacity as well as minimal transition resistance because of its sophisticated construction technique with specially formed and resilient contact elements. Its design guarantees extremely durable and reliable electrical contacts for virtually unlimited applications.

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The MULTILAM flexo series is a high-power contact element with a two-component torsion spring design alongside a “stretchable” characteristic. It is adaptable, flexible and economical.

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The MULTILAM fusio covers two-component torsion spring contact elements providing bundled power with optimized functionality of electrical, mechanical and thermal properties. 

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MULTILAM torsio are all-round contact elements based on a single-component torsion spring design. They are versatile in use, extremely reliable and provide high-performance. 

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The MULTILAM lineo type is a single-component leaf spring contact element with very low mating and sliding forces, suited for low currents and smaller diameters.