MULTILAM Technology

MULTILAM torsio for a broad range of contact requirements


  • High-current connectors e.g. in Power Transmission and Distribution (PTD)
  • Static and dynamic contacts
  • Mating, sliding and rotary contacts
  • Fork and flat contacts
  • Pressed-in contacts
  • High frequency connections in GHz range

The MULTILAM torsio family comprises several types of MULTILAM, similar to the “lineo” family. These types are one-component MULTILAM having a different spring principle. Their spring properties result from torsion zones in the louvered strip creating a resilient connection between the strip and single louver. They provide a permanent and adequate contact force and result together with the short current path of each louver in higher current-carrying capacities. Thanks to the wide selection of MULTILAM torsio types, a broad range of requirements can be addressed easily.


  • High current-carrying capacities
  • Suitable for round, flat and fork connectors
  • Different thicknesses of the MULTILAM strip

Key features

  • Very good electrical and thermal conductivity
  • High reliability in a wide temperature range
  • High resistance against vibrations


  • Parallel louvers with torsion zone in the strip
  • Copper alloy
  • Silver plating

Technical Specifications


various types

Diameter range

> 3.5 mm


min. 11 / max. 26 mm

Rated current of one louver

up to 45 A of one louver

Short circuit current (1s)

up to 1700 A of one louver

Peak current withstand

up to approx. 6500 A of one louver

Mating cycles

up to 10 000

Working temperature