MULTILAM Technology

MULTILAM lineo offering high performance in small size


  • Communication
  • Testing and measurement
  • Test leads and probes
  • Miniature sockets and plugs
  • Signal and data transmission
  • HF applications

The MULTILAM lineo family comprises the smallest one-component types of MULTILAM and is best suitable for smallest connector diameters. These various types are characterized by a good electrical conductivity, very low mating and sliding force and resistance against aggressive atmospheres. The leaf spring principle guarantees a constantly low contact resistance, very high mating cycles and high reliability in a wide temperature range.


  • Very high mating and sliding cycles up to 1.5 Mio.
  • High resistance against aggressive atmospheres

Key features

  • Very low mating and sliding force
  • Suitable for highest frequencies in GHz range
  • Good electrical conductivity


  • Parallel louvers with leaf spring principle
  • Copper alloy
  • Gold plating

Technical Specifications


various types

Diameter range

0.5 – approx. 20 mm


min. 3 / max. 12 mm

Rated current

up to 13.5 A of one louver

Short circuit current (1s)

up to 250 A of one louver

Mating cycles

up to 1.5 Mio

Working temperature