MULTILAM Technology

MULTILAM fusio – high current meets maximum mechanical strength


  • High-current connectors e.g. in Power Transmission and Distribution (PTD)
  • Circuit breakers, disconnectors and busbar connectors
  • Mating, sliding and rotary contacts
  • Round, spherical, flat and fork contacts
  • Static and dynamic contacts
  • Power electronics and energy storage

The MULTILAM fusio family comprises several so-called two-component torsion spring MULTILAM. The design is based on the separation of the electrical and mechanical functions by means of an additional component. As a second component it uses a stainless steel carrier strip on which the individual louvers are crimped (“fusion”). Therefore, both functions are optimized resulting in very high current capacity with excellent mechanical properties. These “fusio” types are specially designed for high requirements such as high-current applications in power transmission and distribution systems.


  • High power density resulting in space- and cost-saving contact solutions
  • High tolerance compensation and flexibility in connector design
  • High mating and sliding cycles

Key features

  • Outstanding electrical and mechanical properties
  • Very low contact resistance
  • High resistance against vibrations


  • Cu-louvers attached to the stainless steel band
  • Copper and stainless steel
  • Silver plating

Technical Specifications


various types

Diameter range

> 12 mm


min. 9 / max. 30 mm

Rated current

up to 60/90 A of one/double louver

Short circuit current (1s)

up to 1100 A of one louver

Peak current withstand

up to approx. 6500 A of one louver

Mating cycles

up to approx. 100 000

Working temperature

up to 180°C