Modular Connectors

High mating docking systems

Stäubli’s multi-pole connectors meet high plugging frequency requirements, are rugged, reliable and easy to apply. Based on these outstanding features they are suited for use in docking systems, tool changers, and in manually or automatically operated multi-couplings.

Stäubli AG - DuraDock-multi-pim-2x.jpg
DuraDock multi - Connector for multi-couplings

The Stäubli DuraDock multi series consists of unparalleld reliable multi-pole connectors providing high mating cycles for automation systems.

Stäubli AG - DuraDock-matic-pim-2x-59274-jpg-orig.jpg
DuraDock matic - Connector for robot tool changers

The Stäubli DuraDock matic connectors are designed for use in automatic tool changers and feature highest reliability.

Stäubli AG - DuraDock-ready-pim-2x.jpg
DuraDock ready - Gigabit Ethernet connectors Giga10

All connectors of the DuraDock ready series are plug-and-play: ready for immediate use. This series includes various gigabit Ethernet plug connectors for future-oriented automation technology.