CombiTac applications

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CombiTac modular connectors are used in demanding applications that require versatile, reliable and long-life connector solutions.

Those include various machines in the automotive manufacturing industry, robots, laboratory test equipment and test benches, automatic production line equipment, rail battery connector systems, and many other industrial applications.

Thanks to the unique MULTILAM Technology and high-quality components, Stäubli CombiTac modular connectors guarantee highest safety, reliability and mating cycles.

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CombiTac is the perfect solution for applications in the automotive industry, featuring robustness, long service life and stable connection. CombiTac contacts can achieve up to 100’000 mating cycles and reach current levels up to 300 A. 

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CombiTac connectors are ideal for applications which require robust, long-life connectors that ensure a stable connection even when exposed to high vibrations and shock. The CombiTac system offers the advantage of a space-saving, high-quality solution.

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Electrical / electronic equipment

Thanks to the tried and tested MULTILAM Technology, CombiTac can reach high power levels up to 300 A / 5 kV and enables our customers to include all necessary signal and data contacts in a single space-saving solution that is 100% customizable.

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CombiTac modular connectors are specially adapted to meet railway fire and smoke requirements and are suitable for use in railway rolling stock applications. They withstand harsh environmental conditions and guarantee highest safety.

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Aerospace, transportation and logistics

CombiTac is a very reliable interface for rugged applications including power distribution architectures. The modular system features highest levels of safety even under severe conditions.