Panel Receptacles

The MC4 and MC4-Evo 2 panel receptacle can be directly mounted, by means of screw thread. It is the ideal solution to connect your MC4 or MC4-Evo 2 cable coupler as a string input to an inverter or a MLPE device. 

Stäubli AG - AE_Panel-Receptacles-pim-2x-69719-jpg-orig.jpg
MC4 Panel Receptacle

Original MC4 panel receptacle being interchangeable with the entire MC4 product family 

Stäubli AG - AE_Panel-Receptacles-MC4-Evo-2-pim-2x-69981-jpg-orig.jpg
MC4-Evo 2 Panel Receptacle

MC4-Evo 2 Panel Receptacle rated at DC 1500 V by UL and IEC. Interchangeable with the entire MC4 product family.