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Stäubli Electrical Connectors (formerly Multi-Contact) is part of the Stäubli Group, a technology leader and pioneer in the fields of electrical and fluid connectors, robotics and textile machinery since its foundation in 1892. Together with the company formerly known as Multi-Contact, which was founded in 1962, we have nearly 60 years of practical experience producing reliable electrical connectors for photovoltaics and other industries. A passion for quality and innovation, inherited from long industrial experience, is our fundamental driving force.

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We have been the pioneer and market leader for electrical connectors in photovoltaics for more than 25 years. Our position on the global market is the result of our continuous efforts to meet and exceed our customers’ demands. We never compromise when it comes to quality, long-term reliability or our partners’ success.

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A workforce of nearly 5,500 employees worldwide enables us to maintain a strong global network. However, we are still rooted in Switzerland and look back on a great history and remarkable heritage. Typical values such as quality, reliability and trust are held in high esteem and are at the basis of our customers’ success as well as our own.

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Entering 2021, we have more than 385 GW of installed photovoltaic capacity, amounting to 50 % of the global cumulative PV capacity, successfully connected with our Stäubli photovoltaic connectors. This figure demonstrates the reliability and highest quality of our products. They guarantee proper operation over their whole lifetime (>25 years) and have a positive impact on the bankability of photovoltaic projects.

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Our industrial expertise can help you. We are a forward-looking company on a constant quest for the next great innovation that will help our customers to work more productively, efficiently and sustainably. We cover the whole process from idea to end product, offering standard products as well as customized solutions to meet individual customer requirements.