Minimize risk. Maximize return.

Why PV connectors are crucial for the profitability of a PV system

In order to ensure a competitive LCOE (Levelized Cost of Energy) and the long-term success of a PV system, but also the necessary financing, the appropriate, bankable project partners must be chosen. Bankable products and components have considerable impact on the bankability and the economic success of a PV asset. The guiding principle for bankability is to minimize risk while to maximize the return. This can only be achieved through secured efficiency in the long term on the basis of high-quality components. Wrong choices in planning, due to lack of knowledge, or low-quality components, in order to reduce the cost, can cause unexpected loss of production or potential safety issue during the lifecycle of a PV system.

When it comes to the profitability and the return on investment of a PV project, a low LCOE is the deciding factor. This crucial metric, expressed in cents per kilowatt hour (kWh), takes in account not only the capital cost of building a project, but also operating and maintenance expenses over time. It is used to compare the cost of solar energy to other sources and determines the long-term profitability of a power plant. Connectors may be small components, but their careful selection and impact on the bankability of every photovoltaic project are substantial. So why saving at the wrong place and increasing risks?

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Technical failures - You can not manage the unknown

Connectors and cabling may seem like small details, but the devil is in the details. When not done right, these components can strongly hurt the balance sheet and bankability of a PV project in the long run.

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Minimized CAPEX versus optimized OPEX and maximized energy yield

Risk mitigation measures should be selected with an objective to minimize the LCOE by optimizing the balance between the CAPEX and OPEX.

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Main sources of risk

Not only the selection of quality components, but also their correct handling are crucial for a PV system's efficiency and profitability.