Cables and multi-strand wires

Special wires

Twin Wires


Stäubli AG - FLEXI-ZW-tim-2x-52364-jpg-orig.jpg

Twin wires with single insulated wires in a black jacket. Super-fine Cu strand, brightsoft, tightly twisted. Insulations in PVC, silicone or TPE.

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Special Wires for Potential Equalization


Stäubli AG - FLEXI-S-POAG-HK-tim-2x-52367-jpg-orig.jpg

Highly flexible, reinforced insulated stranded wire. Green-yellow insulation with helical green stripe.

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Shielded Wires

RG58-PVC / Silishield

Stäubli AG - RG58-PVC-tim-2x-52370-jpg-orig.jpg

Shielded, highly flexible coaxial cable. Insulations in PVC or silicone in various colors.

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