Cables and multi-strand wires

TPE Insulated Multistrand Wires

Insulating Material TPE

General characteristics
Excellent electrical properties (e.g. high insulation resistance), high tensile strength, high flexibility, nonabrasive and relatively lightweight (low density). The TPE is chlorine-free and thus environment-friendly.

Resistance to environmental influences
UV-, ozone- and weather-resistant.

Typical application
Used, for example, in test leads with a medium thermal load whilst retaining its flexibility in the cold.

Used for the following wire types
FlexiPlast..., PLAST-...

FlexiPlast-E FlexiPlast-1V

Stäubli AG - FlexiPlast-E-tim-2x-52334-jpg-orig.jpg

Highly flexible basic insulated stranded wire.

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Stäubli AG - FlexiPlast-2V-tim-2x-52337-jpg-orig.jpg

Highly flexible stranded wire with reinforced, double-layer insulation for the highest safety.

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