Success stories

We focus relentlessly on the safety, dependability and durability of our connectors, because every connection is vital to the success of any operation. As a global leader in the safe, quick connection of all energies we are committed to support our customer’s business with the right choice of standard and highly specialized connection solutions for all types of media. Every time. 



Stadler Rail - Safe and comfortable train rides

Powering in safety and comfort through the scenic Swiss countryside: Stadler Rail relies on Stäubli connectors.

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Speeding up Chinese railways

Reliable contact technology for the world's largets network of high-speed trains: Stäubli supplies high-power connectors for traction converters that find use in the newest generation of trains.

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Stäubli AG - RhB-Header-tim-2x-78254-jpg-orig.jpg

Swiss Rhaetian Railway relies on Stäubli connection solution

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Plastics industry


Stäubli AG - eaton-connectors-fcs-success-tim-2x-54852-jpg-orig.jpg

Thanks to the Stäubli multi-coupling system, Eaton has saved close to 40% on its process during production line changeovers.

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Electronics cooling


Stäubli AG - coolit-connectors-fcs-success-tim-2x-54856-jpg-orig.jpg

CoolIT chooses the flush-face technology of Stäubli quick-connect couplings for data center cooling.

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The fujitsu supercomputer on display in the Fugaku datacenter

A superb solution for supercomputer and datacenters

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Pre-assembled solution for AGVs

For their individual, mobile transport platforms, the specialist from the Nuremberg region relies on robust Stäubli connectors to transmit the power in its electric drive systems.

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Electrical connectors: safe and powerful for e-scooter

High-performance and safe electrical connectors for quick and easy connection of batteries in e-scooters 

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Stäubli AG - Akasol-emob-CTbus-tim-2x-70240-jpg-orig.jpg

Reliable connectors for high-performance battery systems in e-mobility

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AGV driving automatically under harbor's cranes in Singapore new port.

PSA Singapore is constructing a new mega port at Tuas featuring totally automated terminal operations.

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Alternative Energies

PV in the Antarctic

A pioneering project: Installing a solar system in the Antarctic

A pioneering project: Installing a solar system in the Antarctic. For reliable connection and safe power transmission, the Artigas base relies on high-quality PV connectors from Stäubli.

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Stäubli AG - JAC-connectors-fcs-success-tim-2x-55554-jpg-orig.jpg

Stäubli’s quick couplings, MCS and MPS systems have made JAC’s manufacturing process more efficient and reliable. 

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Power transmission and distribution

Efficient PTD solution

Stäubli AG - PTD-gas-insulated-switchgear-tim-2x-60220-jpg-orig.jpg

Powerful contact elements for innovative switch gears of X’ian XD High Voltage Apparatus

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Manufacturing Industry

Smart Factory solution

Stäubli AG - KOSF-smartcubes1-tim-2x-65366-jpg-orig.jpg

Modular connection system for modular cubes of Smart Factory solution

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Cincinnati Test Systems

Stäubli AG - CTS-success-story-rbe-tim-2x-69145-jpg-orig.jpg

Cincinnati Test Systems relies on Stäubli to design highly repeatable leak-tight components to build their instruments and test systems.

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A Stäubli robot on the Miele's assembly line equiped with the MPS 130 tool changer.

Miele opted for the modularity and efficiency of the MPS130 systems with the Stäubli robots to develop their dishwasher lines production 

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Industrial Connectors


Stäubli AG - Brno-ship-tim-2x-92890-jpg-orig.jpg

Brno Municipal Transport Company has been able to improve the safety of the charging process of its electric vessels by using Stäubli 16BL connectors.

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