safety breakaway marine

High-performance solution with short loading time for use between two hose lines


  • Loading processes by means of hose lines
  • Hose and pipe loading arms
  • Loading stations
  • Filling processes
  • Mobile tank systems
  • Ship to ship fluid transfer
  • Ship to rig fluid transfer
  • Ship to shore fluid transfer
  • Bunkering, marine refueling
  • Loading / unloading of tank vessels
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The MBH flow optimized breakaway couplings offer exceptional resistance to lateral forces and were developed for marine and offshore applications, more specifically for use between two hose lines. This product is suitable for applications that require high flow rates and low pressure losses. Thanks to the breaking pins technology, the MBH separates the line at a defined tensile load.
The MBH is also suitable for retrofitting to existing loading facilities, without any significant increase in loading times.

Technical specifications

  • Nominal diameter DN (mm):
    • MBH40-DN50 for DN 50 (2’’) hoses
    • MBH65-DN80 for DN 80 (3’’) hoses
    • MBH80-DN100 for DN 100 (4’’) hoses
    • MBH110-DN150 for DN 150 (6’’) hoses
  • Maximum allowable pressure PS (bar)*: 25 (636 PSI)



  • Most types of fluids (liquids and gases)



  • Mainly stainless steel

*depending on the model and operating conditions.