safety breakaway industrial

High flow break-away coupling with distance-controlled triggering


  • Loading processes by means of hose lines
  • Hose and pipe loading arms
  • Loading stations
  • Filling processes
  • Mobile tank systems
  • Bulk loading / unloading, road tankers
  • Process product transfer, rail tankers
  • Container discharge
  • Most industrial product transfer installations.
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The ACH breakaway coupling was particularly developed for loading processes in which high flow capacity and low pressure loss are as important as the protection of the loading line. This breakaway coupling provides the same functions as those of the ACS, but a much higher flow capacity due to their flow-optimized design.
The system of cable triggering separates the line when the mobile unit exceeds a defined radius of motion. Both coupling halves are equipped with a non-return valve each that allows the line to close impermeably when it is separated and to prevent the medium escapes into the environment.

Technical specifications

  • Nominal diameter DN (mm):
    • ACH40-DN50 for DN 50 (2’’) hoses
    • ACH65-DN80 for DN 80 (3’’) hoses
    • ACH80-DN100 for DN 100 (4’’) hoses
    • ACH110-DN150 for DN 150 (6’’) hoses
  • Maximum allowable pressure PS (bar)*: 25 (636 PSI)



  • Most types of fluids (liquids and gases).



  • Mainly stainless steel

*depending on the model and operating conditions.