Mold Loading Tables

Mold loading tables and vehicles

Efficient and tailor-made: Achieve further SMED setup time optimization with mold loading vehicles and mold loading tables. Whether mobile/stationary or manual/automatic mold feed: Staubli products are customized and precisely matched to your machines and mold loading processes. These intelligent and economical system solutions significantly increase the productivity of new and existing systems. We produce mold loading vehicles and mold loading tables for machines of all sizes, manufacturers and mold weights with the highest level of safety.

Stationary mold loading table MLT

Cost-effective and safe: the stationary mold loading system MLT enables the safe, horizontal change on production cells with one or two machines. And this for all machine and mold sizes:

  • Modular system design for individually tailored solutions
  • Can be used as a single table for use on one machine or between two machines
  • As a double table for the fully automated mold change at the push of a button
  • Manual or fully automatic system with driven rollers (depending on mold weight and temperature)
  • Direct roller drive without chain with several drive units in the transfer path (thus extremely robust, long-lasting and reliable)

Rail-mounted mold loading vehicle MLR

Precise and automated: the rail-mounted MLR mold loading trolley enables a fully automatic trolley movement. The same applies to positioning on the machine and the mold transfer:

  • Ideal for production environments with several machines, mold storage and preheating station along a rail system
  • Direct roller drive without chain with several drive units in the transfer path (thus extremely robust, long-lasting and reliable)
  • Alternatively, automatic push-pull system
  • Control of the loading system by wired or wireless mobile panel
  • Standardised, modular product design
  • Complete system with rail system and safety concept (protective fence, laser scanner, light curtain) from one source

Free-moving mold loading vehicle MLV

Maximum flexibility: The free-moving mold loading trolley can be docked on to any machine regardless of its position and orientation in the production environment:

  • Maximum flexibility within the production area
  • Very high load capacities can be achieved with battery operated solutions
  • Up to 1 ton of mold weight possible with a purely manual movement
  • Control either manual or via wired or wireless mobile panel
  • Automatic push-pull system or direct roller drive


  • Pre-heating on the mold loading table/trolley or on a separate pre-heating station (avoids unnecessary machine downtimes)
  • Temperature control via mono-couplings, manual multi-couplings or fully automatic multi-couplings
  • Different variants for mold identification
  • Equipment with lifting table (mold transfer height automatically adjusts to the height of the machine)