Quick couplings All fluids

Modular range of quick release couplings, RBE, with push button


  • Connection of liquids and gases in all industrial and research sectors
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The completely modular RBE range offers a wide range of component materials and seals, along with 3 different shut-off options, and various other options to create the right coupling solution for your application. In addition, the RBE quick coupling also features a very easy to use built-in button locking system. The design and quality of material creates optimum flow and contributes to the efficiency and safety of the applications, especially with corrosive gases and liquids.

Technical specifications

  • Nominal diameter DN (mm): from 03 to 19
  • Maximum allowable pressure*: 450 bar (6,526 PSI)

Liquids and gases

  • Gases: hydrogen, argon, nitrogen, helium
  • Steam
  • Liquids: solvents, acids
  • Process vacuum

Various materials

  • Stainless steel with 17% chrome
  • Mainly stainless steel 316 series
  • High resistance stainless steel
  • Large choice of seals, including PTFE 

Other features

  • Safety keys
  • Colored discs for panel mounting
  • Protection from dirt ingress
  • Raised push button
  • Safety button
  • Dust caps

*depending on the model and operating conditions