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Clean-break quick coupling with bayonet locking HCB


  • Suitable for a range of applications requiring non-spill processes and resistance to high pressure and harsh environments
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The non-spill design of the HCB quick couplings eliminates spillage, protects the work environment, and the quality of the fluid transfer. Rugged locking helps make them highly resistant to common issues such as vibrations and stress on pipes. Thanks to foolproof mechanical matching, safety keys, and colored plates, the operator can easily identify the circuits. A compact solution guaranteeing efficiency and security.

Technical specifications

  • Nominal diameter DN (mm): from 03 to 20
  • Maximum allowable pressure*:  350 bar (5,076 PSI)


  • Wide range of fluids: gases, steam, vacuum, aggressive fluids.


  • Mainly stainless steel 316 series.
  • Various types of seals

Other features

  • Option to supply HCB sockets or plugs with clamp profiles

*depending on the model and operating conditions