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Submicronic compressed air filter FSB


  • Filtration of particles and oil aerosols to supply workstations with high quality air.
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In response to the need for compressed air filtration, Stäubli has developed FSB submicronic filters. Designed to achieve perfect air quality, they provide high performance filtration and reliable equipment protection. With the ability to filtrate particles and oil aerosols, FSB submicronic filters are ideal for networks and applications requiring enhanced oil filtering. Ideal for any application of compressed air including automation, measuring, pneumatic control and regulation, paint booth, laboratory, breathing air, and more.

Technical specifications

  • Fittings: From G 1/4 to G3
  • Maximum allowable pressure*: 16 bar (232 PSI)


  • Compressed air


  • The materials selected for the filter housing and filter element ensures excellent corrosion, chemical and thermal resistance as well as mechanical durability.

Other features

  • Several grades of filtration to suit your applications: micronic, submicronic, activated carbon
  • Many accessories available

*depending on the model and operating conditions