Railway Compressed air

Hose equipped with pneumatic connection for railway


  • Pneumatic connections body to bogie and interbody
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Stäubli’s complete pneumatic connections consist of a selection of flexible hoses, with and without protection from ballast impacts, equipped with GPL, RTD or SPI OS quick-release couplings. Since safety is of utmost importance, each system undergoes a unit test for function as well as tightness. Along with the assurance of safety, we offer the convenience that comes with obtaining the complete connection from a single supplier and a complete solution including the railway requirements. 


  • Compressed air
  • Brake oils
  • Glycol water


Other features

  • Fully equipped flexible hoses designed to meet the requirements of various certifications, including NF F 11-380 and EN45545.
  • These flexible hoses meet the specific requirements of railway vehicles for SCNF and RATP.
  • We can also fabricate more customized metallic hoses and flexibles to meet your unique requirements.

*depending on the model and operating conditions