quick couplings compressed air

Assemblies with composite blowgun STA


  • Cleaning the workstation
  • Blowing of the machining device
  • Dusting and drying of parts, etc.
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The STA industrial assemblies combines the qualities of a robust, economic and non-scratch safety blowgun with the performance of a coiled hose, while improving workstation ergonomics. The progressive control of the jet air is a very practical addition to the workshop in a wide range of industries as automotive, electric, mechanical, laboratories, and woodworking as well as a great advantage for the operator.

Technical specifications

  • Tube nominal diameter DN (mm) (Tube diameters D int. x D ext.): 5 x 8 and 6.5 x 10
  • Maximum allowable pressure*: 10 bar (142 PSI)


  • Compressed air


  • Composite blowgun
  • Brass connection

Other features

  • 2 hose diameters and 4 working lengths


*depending on the model and operating conditions.