quick couplings breathing air

Breathing air hose fitted with safe quick coupling TQR


  • Supply of breathing air to personal protective equipment (masks, half suits and ventilated suits)
  • Supplying air between network and tapping distribution units.
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With their easy handling (light and flexible), anti-static properties and heat resistance, TQR breathing air hoses offer a safe and high quality solution in the air supply to operators. These uncontaminable hoses answer to specific requirements are perfectly adapted to the challenging environment as nuclear, medical and chemical, pharmaceuticals to name a few.

Technical specifications

  • Nominal diameter DN (mm): 10 x 16, 13 x 20 and 19 x 28
  • Maximum allowable pressure*: 10 bar (145 PSI)


  • Breathing air


  • Inside tube: PVC with reinforcement in textile weave
  • Outside layer: Decontaminable PVC
  • Color: Blue (RAL 5015)
  • Each end equipped with a 316L crimped stainless steel fitting with traceability

Other features

  • 3 diameters and several lengths
  • Hose compliance** with the EN 14 593-1, EN 14 593-2 and EN 14 594 standards, class B

*depending on the model and operating conditions

** Our equipment consists of components. As such, it is your responsibility to identify the standards and regulations applicable to your installation,  ensure that the components are correctly incorporated into your installation and check that your installation complies with the applicable legislation.