quick couplings breathing air

Open hose reel for breathing air supply EQR


  • Supply of branch lines on breathing air networks
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Indispensable in workshops, Stäubli’s EQR automatic open drum hose reels supply breathing air hose to operators in absolute safety and comfort. A multi-direction adjustable arm and swivel guide reduce friction, extending the life of breathing air hoses.
These durable compact hose reels, while offering time and space savings are suitable for use in a range of industries, including: nuclear, chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, etc.

Technical specifications

  • Nominal diameter DN (mm): from 10 to 19
  • Maximum allowable pressure*: 10 bar (145 PSI)


  • Breathing air


  • Mainly stainless steel

Other features

  • Equipped with Stäubli TQR hoses
  • Compliance** with EN 14 594 standard, class B

*depending on the model and operating conditions

* Our equipment consists of components. As such, it is your responsibility to identify the standards and regulations applicable to your installation,  ensure that the components are correctly incorporated into your installation and check that your installation complies with the applicable legislation.