quick couplings breathing air

Final air treatment unit BQR


  • Final treatment of air between the breathing air circuit and operators
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Fitted with a submicronic filter and activated carbon filter, the BQR breathing air systems prevent any ingress or absorption of particles, aerosols, oil vapor and odors.  This provides safe, dependable breathing air support to operators in a broad range of industries including nuclear, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, shipyards and asbestos-removal projects.

Technical specifications

  • D ≤ 3000 Nl/mn


  • Breathing air


  • Frame: Anodized aluminum
  • Body of filters and regulator: Metallic alloy

Other features

  • Unit delivered with or without AQR quick couplings
  • 2 stages of filtration
  • Relief valve
  • Filter clogging indicator

*depending on the model and operating conditions