multi-couplings modular

Modular connector for centralized electrical connections REP


Centralized connections of all electrical circuits:

  • Control, power, thermocouples... in the plastics industry
  • On test benches, machines… in all industries
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The REP connector provides customers a modular solution featuring pre-fitted plates with 2, 3 or 4 housings. The connector’s adaptable design allows male or female electrical inserts to be mounted on fixed or mobile plates. With two outlet varieties – straight or 90 degrees – the REP connector offers quick and seamless installation. For safety and reliability of processes, its design prevents inversion of circuits and includes a pin coding system that removes all risk of misconnection between plates.

Technical specifications

  • Nominal diameters (mm): from 1.5 to 6


  • Electrical


  • Please contact Stäubli for details.