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Manual multicouplings plate for sequential injection SPC

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  • Centralized supply for hydraulic control of valve gate cylinders and closure of sequential injection circuits
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Designed specifically for sequential injection, SPC manual plates ensure an optimized control for opening and closing of sequential injection nozzles. The compact design allows an easy integration onto the molds with the possibility to connect the circuits by rigid tubes on the side, or directly on the underside of the fixed plate. The safety features prevent misconnection, and the non-spill flush face technology prevents pollution of the work area and fluid. By including all requirements of sequential injection applications, these plates are the reliable and efficient solution.

Technical specifications

  • Nominal diameters (mm): from 03 to 05
  • Max. working pressure: 100 bar  (1,450 PSI)


  • Hydraulics oil


  • Please contact Stäubli for details

Other features

  • Proximity sensors available as an option

*depending on the model and operating conditions