Multi-couplings Hydraulic

Centralized connection of hydraulic lines

Specifically designed for high pressure and high temperature applications, Stäubli hydraulic multi-couplings guarantee excellent efficiency and reliability. Incorporating Stäubli centralized connections into the process automates operations and increases safety. Multi-couplings are an ideal solution that lets you connect all hydraulic circuits in a single action, avoid incorrect connections and reduce hydraulic control circuit response times.

RMP – High pressure hydraulic lines

Centralized connection for high pressure hydraulic circuits RMP 49

DN 09 mm

  • Max. P up to 180 bar (2610 PSI)* (supply)
  • Max. P up to 10 bar (145 PSI)* (output)
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SPC – Sequential valve gating

Centralized connection of hydraulic circuits for sequential injection SPC

DN from 03 to 05 mm

Max. P up to 100 bar (1450 PSI)*

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*depending on the model and operating conditions