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Round uninsulated connectors

Stäubli AG - round-uninsulated-6-mm-tim-2x-77586-jpg-orig.jpg

Our single-pole, unenclosed, uninsulated round connectors designed for the transmission of high currents up to 6000 A.

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Round insulated connectors 10-21 mm

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Plug connectors designed for the use in industrial installations, switchgears, test stands and standby power units. 

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Rapid connection solutions

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Flat bar clamps for the safe contact of busbars in power distribution plants, power generation units, mobile transformers, etc.

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Connectors for plug-in systems

Plug-in systems

Our fork plugs are designed for direct connection to copper or aluminum bus bars.

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The MULTILAM flexo series is a high-power contact element with a two-component torsion spring design alongside a “stretchable” characteristic. It is adaptable, flexible and economical.

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