market alternative fuels

Connection solutions for alternative fuels

Responding to demands from alternative fuel sectors Stäubli provides a large range of connection solutions:

  • refueling nozzles, Breakaway safety, receptacles etc.
  • for all types of vehicles (light/heavy),
  • for all types of refilling (vehicle fleets/self-service distribution).

Whether for slow or fast refueling applications all Stäubli products are designed to provide comfortable use, reliability and guarantee safety.

Compressed natural gas

Refueling systems for Natural Gas Vehicles (NGV/CNG)

Nozzles, safety breakaways and hose assemblies for the dispenser side, as well as receptacles and check-valves for the vehicle side.

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Liquid petroleum gas

Refueling systems for Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) vehicles

Nozzles and safety breakaways for refueling and filling station supply.

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Solutions for filling high flow hydrogen on all types of electric vehicles

Refueling systems to refill hydrogen into electric vehicles fitted with a fuel-cell.

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