Product range and applications

Multi-pole connection solutions

Our range of multi-pole connectors withstands harsh environmental conditions and is ideally suitable for the use in public transport, railway, mining or marine applications. The electrical connectors must work reliably and without interruption in order to guarantee perfect operation. Stäubli connectors meet these requirements and feature safe connection even when subjected to severe vibration and shock. The tried and tested MULTILAM Technology ensures maximum dependability at low resistances and therefore extremely low energy loss as well as low insertion force.

Connection solutions for e-mobility
E-mobility connection solutions

Highest performance reliability, vibration resistance and maximum safety for on-board applications or infrastructure applications.

Robot tool changers connector FL3
DuraDock matic for robot tool changers

Designed for use in automatic tool changers, FL3 plug connectors are extremely service friendly due to the rapid contact carrier changing system.

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Multipole connector for harsh environments

The design of this connector is dedicated for operation in harsh environments to withstand very challenging conditions such as high impacts, extreme temperatures, stormy winds and strong waters to ensure reliable energy transmission without interruption in railway applications.