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connector solutions for railway

Power connectors: a key link in the railway power chain 

Urban and intercity rail transport, for passengers or freight, lies at the heart of many environmental and demographic challenges facing today’s world. As an industry partner and key supplier in the international railway sector for more than 30 years, we have a clear insight into your challenges and expectations, such as service continuity, extreme weather conditions and mechanical stresses. Our products encompass all applications and types of fluids, compressed air, hydraulic, cooling systems, fill-and-drain and electrical power as well as customized connection solutions – all designed to withstand the most demanding mechanical and climatic conditions.

To meet your requirements and specifications, our dedicated teams can draw on their expertise, providing support and creating value on an international level at every stage of your project. We offer fitting and competitive solutions, as well as coordination and planning, analysis and validation of specifications, pre-studies, prototyping, qualification testing, specific testing, serial testing, quality control, commissioning, use, maintenance, continuous improvement and redesign to cost. 

The advantages of our connection solutions – supreme reliability. Our MULTILAM contact technology guarantees permanent contact between surfaces and, consequently, low-current for a constant contact resistance for higher reliability and safety in the most extreme conditions: Whether electrical (up to several kA), thermal (up to 120 °C), mechanical robustness, resistance to temperature variations, vibration and impact – thanks to the modular nature of our connector systems, we support a wide and varied range of connection solutions geared towards each specification.

Our applications 

Stäubli connectors for battery packs meet the specific requirements of the railway industry and are particularly suited for the use in railway rolling stock. These connectors are based on the components of our modular connector system CombiTac and feature a high misalignment absorption.

Connectors for battery packs CT-HE

CombiTac CT-HE

The connectors can be combined with Ø 12 mm power contacts and Ø 1.6 mm signal contacts, i.e. electrical connection and monitoring of battery packs.

Electrical connectors used for bogie and traction motors are subject to extremely harsh environmental conditions on a daily basis. Strong temperature fluctuations (e.g. snow and ice in alpine areas), high mechanical strain, vibration, and contamination cannot be allowed to impact the reliability of power, signal and data transfer. 


Motor connections with MPC

Straight or right-angled connections in combination with a panel receptacle are no problem for the MPC

Thanks to the unique and tested MULTILAM Technology, our Modular Power Connectors guarantee high lifetime and reliability in applications with the most demanding requirements.

Modular power connector MPC

Converter container connection

Converter container connections. Straight or right-angled connections in combination with a panel receptacle are no problem for the MPC.

CARS GSR 2.5 fork connector

Stäubli fork connectors

GSR 2.5 fork connector in IGBT module of traction converter

The Modular Power Connector EvoTrak MPC has the advantage of a universal multi-application, compact and modular solution, through the rationalization and the standardization of the common components. Dynamic cables in combination with the DCO system ensures durability.


Modular power connector MPC

Possible combinations:

Angled to angled • Angled to surface mounted socket • Angled to straight • Straight to straight combination • Available as pin or socket version • Size 1 for contact diameter 8mm / 14 mm or Size 2 for contact diameter 20 mm

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