Life sciences

Robots specially designed for life sciences

Speed, precision, safety, low particle emissions, easy-to-clean surfaces, and maximum availability—these are the key production requirements in the health/life sciences sector. With our fast, high-precision robots, Stäubli is a preferred choice for industrial players in this sector, including pharmaceutical and medical production companies, biotech firms, research labs, and even hospitals. Stäubli’s wide range of 6-axis, picker and SCARA robots, can tackle virtually any challenge.

Medical equipment

Image of a measure instrument for the robotics healthcare medical device solutions

Deburring, polishing, injection molding: Stäubli robots combine safety, quality, precision and productivity.

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Pharmaceuticals and biotechnology

Image of healthcare pharmaceuticals biotechnology for the healthcare industry

Stäubli robots provide ultra-short cycle times for handling or packaging bags, syringes and vials.

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Laboratory research

Image of laboratory research for the robotics healthcare medical solutions

Industrial robotics delivers rapid, reliable responses for automated research operations.

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Hospital automation

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Stäubli robotics solutions guarantee patient safety and superior performance in all applications.

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Dedicated robot ranges

Cleanroom robotic arms

Cleanroom industrial robotic arms for sensitive environments

Our Cleanroom  (CR/SCR) series of robots have been developed specifically to meet the requirements of clean environments.

CR/SCR robot range

Stericlean robotic arms

Stericlean robotic arms

Our Stericlean robots, fully H₂O₂  resistant, meet the strictest requirements for pharmaceutical and cleanroom applications.

Stericlean robot range