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All CombiTac products have been designed according to the highest possible connector safety standard requirements, and offer outstanding long-life performance under tough mechanical and harsh environmental conditions. CombiTac contacts can reach up to 100'000 mating cycles, are resistant to vibrations and shock, and demonstrate the highest safety features. 
Contact types include power, signal, data, fiberoptic, thermocouling, and fluid and pneumatic contacts.
CombiTac is suitable for both manual and automatic connection applications, and can be included in adjustable size frames or various aluminum and plastic DIN housings.   

CombiTac power module
Power modules

Ø3 to Ø12 mm power contacts up to 300 A and IP2X protection. High voltage contacts up to 5kV. 

CombiTac signal module
Signal modules

Ø0.6 to Ø1.5 mm signal contacts and various carrier types including high density, monitoring modules, and solutions with protective walls.

CombiTac data module
Data modules

10 Gbit Ethernet (CAT6A, RJ45, M12), Profibus, Profinet, Interbus, CAN-BUS, Coaxial (Crimp, SMA), glass and plastic optical fiber.  

CombiTac thermocoupling module
Thermocoupling modules

Various spring loaded contacts for thermocouples from chromel, constantan, iron, alumel, nicrosil, nisil, and copper.

Combitac pneumatic fluid module
Pneumatic / fuid modules

A large range of leakage-free coupling products are available with or without shut-off valves up to 15 bar. Special design pneumatic and fluid couplings available upon request. 

CombiTac housings

Different size aluminum and plastic DIN housings are available with IP65 and IP68/69K protection. High density plastic light housings with central locking are also available.

CombiTac customized solutions
Customized solutions

Each CombiTac can be 100% customized to meet your exact specifications. Including dimensioning to exact size specifications, use of special resistant carrier materials, integration of customer specific parts in CombiTac solution (special enclosures, handles, etc.).