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Robots for plastics processing

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To stand out and win contracts, plastics processors are developing products with more added values. To be even more competitive, they are incorporating automated processes during injection molding machine cycle times. Stäubli's 6-axis Plastics robots provide our industrial customers with tremendous flexibility in how they carry out operations. As a result, the robots help increase the added values of their products. 

Plastics robots features
euromap interface
Euromap 67 / 67.1 / SPI compatibility

Plug and play solution (along with dedicated user interface)

Attachment methods
Multiple mounting configurations

Adaptability and flexibility of cell design

Work envelope
Optimum use of the work area

The compact size of Stäubli robots reduces their footprint. With their large work envelope, they are designed for a wide variety of applications.

Enclosed structure

  • Easy to clean and use in clean or hostile environments

Rigid structure

  • Better dynamic performance

Compact footprint

  • Minimum space, increased floorspace efficiency

Plastics solutions

Image of plastic raw material for the plastic industry

Stäubli’s 4 and 6 axis robots for the plastics industry are designed to meet all the sector’s automation needs.

Plastics solutions